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Agricultural Science today is gaining a greater understanding of how soil conditioning combined with the “care and feeding” of beneficial microbes increases the foliar surface area of plant life. More foliage increases the ability of plants to take in more Carbon Dioxide, and release more pure Oxygen into the environment.

A little History

Back in the early Twentieth Century, particularly in the Great Plains of the United States, Soil Conservation and Agricultural Science were virtually unknown disciplines to the average farmer. The result of this lack of knowledge, combined with a severe drought, led to the destruction of valuable topsoil in some of the richest farmland in the world. The disastrous end result was what is now referred to as the “Dustbowl”, a significant contributing factor in the Great Depression.

During his first 100 days in office, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, directed the Department of the Interior to establish the Soil Erosion Service, now known as the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). By 1938, Combined efforts had reduced blowing dust by 65 percent, so when rain finally came in the Fall of 1939, life began to return to the American Great Plains.

Pure Grow Organics

Is a specialized Organic Based family of Supplements for lawn, garden, nursery, growers, and agriculture. We have developed “The Natural Solution” to solve problems of contaminates and major biological imbalances in soil. The main drivers that cause the imbalance are the lack of OXYGEN, abundance presence of ANAEROBIC BACTERIA, and UNDESIRABLE ORGANIC MATTER.

Our organic based supplements contain a concentrated blend of humic and fulvic acids, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and organically generated nitrogen.  This rich combination both feeds and activates beneficial aerobic microbes, releases oxygen and increases nature’s biodegrading process.

Pure Grow Organics products are to be use in unison with fertilizer and any other plant food. Our organic based growth supplements are design to work with not replace fertilizer and plant food.

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Pure Grow Product Line
The Pure Grow Organics Product Line

Dust Storm in texas, 1935
A Dust Storm aproaches Stratford Texas, 1935

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